Mr Carpano Dining + Bar

Mr Carpano Bar + Dining brings a curated menu of rustic and seasonal Italian dishes.

The standout feature is the dual outdoor terraces spaces, celebrating Melbourne’s love of roof top entertaining. "Melbourne Italian, Made True"

Novotel Melbourne South Wharf’s dining philosophy is “Melbourne Italian, Made True”. A food purveyor’s journey into Italian migrant culture that has helped define our local dining culture and made it world-renowned. “Melbourne Italian, made true”

Named after Italian distiller Antonio Carpono, who invented Vermouth in c.1796 and created the foundation of today’s modern aperitifs. Since post war immigration, Melbourne welcomed the first Italian migrants who arrived by ship into, Port Melbourne’s Station Pier. Their influence has been profound in shaping Melbourne’s bar and dining scene. From the small Italian suburban cafes and coffee shops to the fresh produce stalls found at the historic South Melbourne Market. The Italian story sowed the seed for Melbourne’s dining culture as we know it. Today it has been transformed into a vibrant and energetic foodie’s paradise that awakens the heart and delights the senses.