5 Tempting Summer Drinks To Quench Your Thirst

Tuesday January 9th, 2018

As we head into a new year and simultaneously progress through the middle of another joyous Melbourne summer we are presented with a myriad of opportunities to enjoy a relaxing beverage out in the sun’s warm embrace.

However, sometimes we get into the habit of simply grabbing our favourite beer, cider or fruity soft drink and that is fine but why not treat yourself to a special cocktail or craft beer that could broaden your fondness for more niche summer refreshments?

Here is where we can help

At South Wharf we have a long list of options to help you keep cool whether it be a gin and tonic on the rocks or an ice cold golden ale. To make things a little easier we have narrowed it down to five of our favourites.

Moon Dog Old Mate Pale Ale – The Common Man

If you are a die-hard beer fan and looking for a refreshing pale ale then stop by The Common Man and try a Moon Dog Old Mate. American in style and bubbly in nature, the Old Mate unites orange and peach flavours before wrapping them up in a fine caramel malt finish.

Moon Dog Ol Mate Pale Ale beer 

Peach Lychee Daiquiri – Akachochin

Freshly added to the menu at Akachochin is this fruity delight which puts a barmy twist on an old favourite. The sweet and creamy lychees give new life to your standard daiquiri while providing you with invigorating relief from the sun.

Piña Colada – The Boatbuilders Yard

This is a classic drink guaranteed to lift you up and lay you down on a sunbed somewhere in the tropics. Combining frozen white rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice the piña colada or ‘strained pineapple’ is as tasty as it is Puerto Rican.

Piña colada drink

South Wharf Side Cocktail – Plus 5

Have you ever tried a Southside cocktail? Well here is Plus 5’s remixed version of the gin and lime laced beverage. Their South Wharf Side will delight you with subtle floral notes emanating from tea infused Beefeater gin and with a perky and refreshing hint of lime and mint.

Enjoy one with a few wood-fired tapas and a group of chums.

Pimm’s Fever – The General Assembly

It’s pretty hard to beat a jug of Pimm’s on a lazy afternoon while watching the cricket or tennis. A simple blend of Pimm’s No.1, sparkling lemonade, dry ginger ale, mint and fruit this British favourite is great to share with a small group.

Don’t feel guilty if you want a jug to yourself, the crew at General Assembly won’t judge you.

Pimms Fever jug

Melbourne’s January and February sun can dwindle the energy of even the most endurable of its citizens and nothing feels as good as the simple pleasure of a thirst-quenching beverage by the Yarra.

Make it your mission this summer to try at least one of these delightful drinks or spread all five over a few weekends, either way there is something cold and satisfying waiting for you.