Calling All Night CITIZENS!

Monday March 16th, 2020

Calling all night CITIZENS…because Melbourne does not need another Boozy Brunch!

Enjoy a range of snacks (including fried chicken, fried squid, edamame and lotus root chips) and a choice of one main (ranging from bowls to burgers) along with flowing wines, beers and cocktails 
for two hours with your favourite beats live every Friday and Saturday night at CITIZEN .

Giving people what they want – when they want!

Cost $69 per head + booking fee

CITIZEN opened in November 2019 and has attracted thousands of visitors alongside Australia’s top influencers to their unique café to bar space in South Wharf.

In partnership with Asahi, CITIZEN has brought the coldest beer to Australia chilled at minus 2.2 degrees Celsius. Originating from Japan, Asahi Super Dry is served as a super cold beer, where unlike any other beer, it goes through a secondary chilling plate and is served at minus 2.2 degrees Celsius.

CITIZEN encapsulates a Japanese influenced bar focused on Good Beer, Good Food and Good Times. With a menu that’s fun to share including over 20 gins and over 25 whiskeys & unique cocktail list, they have created a space for our favourite CITIZENS to sip, share and snack in South Wharf.

The venue flows into two spaces; the atrium full of light by day, and lit by lanterns at night. A destination to relax and unwind from day to night. From day to night, the space is warm with concrete, natural wood, leather banquets allowing the venue to create an earthy atmosphere. When night comes, the bar section is lit with pink and red making it reminiscent of a neon lit Tokyo bar.

The diverse space is truly one of a kind, providing truly exceptional customer service and hospitality in the South Wharf district.

CITIZEN is brought to you by the owners of Melbourne Public and previous owners of The Darcy Group. Having pioneered the finest Melbourne hospitality, CITIZEN is the newest addition to the portfolio. Focusing on Good Beer, Good Food and Good Times, CITIZEN is made for everyone.

Japanese inspired food and drink, right in the heart of South Wharf, Melbourne. Café by day, Bar by night, CITIZEN is a place for every citizen.