One Month To Go: VidCon Australia

Wednesday September 4th, 2019

In just under a month’s time VidCon Australia, the world’s premier event for online video content creators and fans to interact with industry professionals, will make its long awaited return to Australian shores – with this year’s event to be held at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, from the 19th-22nd September.

VidCon has long established itself as a pioneer in online video communities, bringing a unique blend of innovators driving this industry forward into the future – and this year event embraces this idea, with a range of leading attending the Australian event.

Attendees will be granted exclusive access to leading fan-favourite creators, including live performances, creative workshops, Q&As and a chance to meet the video stars in person.

The creators confirmed as attending this year’s event have over 40 million combined YouTube followers.  Some of these leading name creators across Youtube, TikTok and online video stars include:

  • The Try Guys
  • Superwog
  • Ozzy Man Reviews
  • Jackson O’Doherty
  • Hank Green
  • Alli Simpson
  • Jamie Zhu
  • Jimi Jackson
  • Fairbairn Films
  • Georgia Productions
  • Eva Gutowski
  • TheOdd1sOut

Vidcon brings the online video community together, and provides the opportunity for all attendees to engage with creators and industry professionals (and vice versa).

In a world where online content creation and influencer marketing is only continuing to grow, Vidcon is a space to explore the ins-and-outs of the future in the industry with unparalleled access to all things video.

For those who make, love and work in video, this is the must attend event for the online video community.

Tickets can be purchased here.