Pups and Pilates

Saturday December 7th, 2019 - Saturday January 4th, 2020

Stretch out with your pooch on The Common Man lawn on their “Riverside Purple Patch” activation this summer and enjoy uninterrupted views of the Melbourne CBD and Yarra on Melbourne’s vibrant South Wharf Promenade and stay on to enjoy puppy snacks, coffee or brunch.The Common Man is one of the many pup-approved venues listed on the PatchPets app’s directory alongside dog-friendly parks, cafes, groomers and vets – so you can have your doggo in tow wherever you go!

21-year-old founder, Josh Fritz says PatchPets seeks to innovate puppy playdates and ways to socialise both dogs and dog parents. .

“PatchPets is hosting a national Pups & Pilates tour to give pups and their parents an opportunity to connect with other dogs and people in a fun and exciting way!” Mr Fritz said.

“As a dog parent I know the importance of socialising your dog – it can enhance their development, adaptability to different environments and how they adjust to other dogs and people.”

Mr Fritz says PatchPets seeks to increase interaction within the canine community as research indicates 40 per cent of dog owners make friends more easily by connecting over their furry friends.

“PatchPets endeavors to positively impact our community by encouraging socialisation via meet-ups and in-app interaction, with the hope to build a stronger, healthier and safer canine community,” he said.

“Our national Pups & Pilates tour perfectly harnesses the PatchPets mission of embracing innovative ways to enhance the lives of dogs and dog owners.”

With studies suggesting animal sentience is so strong that dogs tend to mimic the moods and emotions of their owners, Melbourne Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Wynter Chan says the wonderful benefits of Pilates enjoyed by humans can also benefit their furry friends.

“There is no denying Pilates is great for the mind, body and soul – aside from the physical benefits that speak for themselves, regular Pilates practice can improve focus, boost brainpower and decrease stress.”

“We’ve created a 45-minute workout that is sure to boost endorphins and give dog parents the opportunity to bond with their pup,” Chan said.

Pups & Pilates Melbourne is a free 45-min workout at The Common Man, South Wharf and locals will need to bark quickly to secure their spot.

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