Rene Lui

Friday April 26th, 2019

Rene Liu (LIU Ruo Ying) was born on June 1, 1969 in Taipei, Taiwan. She is a Taiwanese actress, singer and songwriter. She was the first to win Best Actress awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in both television and film productions. She has recorded numerous of musical albums since 1995 and received numerous awards. Her fan base reached far beyond Taiwan into many parts of Asia, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and other countries as well.

Rene is also well known as an actress across Asia. In 1994, Rene started her career as an actress with the film called Peony Pavilion and followed by another film called Siao Yu. In 1995, Rene won the Best Actress Award at the 40th Asia Pacific Film Festival and nominated as Best Actress at the 32nd Taiwan Golden House by Peony Pavilion. At the same year, Rene started to record her first musical album Siao Yu Peony Pavilion and won the Best Film Song Award at the 32nd Taiwan Golden house. Over the years, Rene has released over 20 music albums, written over 30 singles and won numerous of awards in her musical career.

Pink $389
Orange $289
Purple $199
Blue $169
Green $139
Yellow $99