Superbowl LV 2021 LIVE Riverside

Monday February 8th, 2021

Join us for one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar the Superbowl LV!

Watch Superbowl LV live and loud at Common Man live from Florida from 10.30am on Monday 8th of February 2021.

We have a massive 3.5 metre mega screen under our 15m x 10m all weather marquee.

We've done some upgrades this year with dedicated high definition screens for our Terrace and Inside spaces bringing more room and more atmosphere at the Common Man for what is one of the biggest days on our calendar.

With more screens than ever and full brunch menu from 9am and lunch menu from 11am The Common Man is the place to be again this year!

All seating will have great views of our TVs and action will be live and loud on our inhouse system and purpose built loud speakers on the Mega Screen.

Drinks by coopers, Jack Daniels bucket deals, cocktails and jack fire specials.

Book your table so you don’t miss your spot. Every table will have a perfect view of all the action and you can order everything from your phone at the table so no need to miss a minute!

If you’re booking for a group please list your group name in the comments and we’ll sit you together. We may split you across a few tables for bigger groups but we'll keep you near to each other. Make sure you all book the same area!

Got questions? email us or hit us up on Facebook @thecommonmansw